Keeping the wellies by the door

Jack during Jonas 2016
Jack, the Aussie

Jack and I got out together a few times yesterday.  Aussies have important things to do outdoors and I can’t resist some personal connection with weather.  I make an exception for thunder and lightening storms.  A bit too much of a survivalist for that kind of escapade.


It is Saturday morning, just short of 24 hours into Jonas.  We still have power so life is good, but so as to not tick off the weather gods … I know we will lose power sometime today.  The wind is rising and trees will fall.  We are prepared to carry on.Devices are charged as are the backup chargers.  I just hope the creamy chicken stew finishes in the slow cooker before we loose power.  Not to worry.  If necessary I can continue cooking it on the Coleman stove, but one must have goals.

We will not starve. The chili went great with the guacamole I made yesterday and we never cut into the pan-grilled London Broil.  The beef and sliced ham can be eaten as is and the chili, etc., can be simply reheated.

I am cooking less today.  Will nap more as my friend Cynthia suggested, write the Moore PTO Newsletter, work on the blog, and read.  I am reading ‘Book One: Flight of the Vessel’by a fellow tweep, @RobertCStoreyJr and ‘The Road to Little Dribbling’ by Bill Bryson.  Quite a contrast.  If I lose power the writing will be challenged but the napping and reading of ebooks will continue unchallenged.