My Twitterverse

My Twitterverse, the Creation:  I began tweeting in 2009 I believe.  My first tentative tweet was something like “Hello world.”  Then my twitter account was dormant for a couple of months.  I think I wanted to be sure I presented myself as I wanted to be perceived.  Finally, I realized I just wanted to present the person I am and find some like minded twppl and to follow twppl who were writing and doing interesting things.  Now I am totally out there … Rotarian, atheist (or antitheist as Hitch would say), Democrat, grandmother, lawyer, wife … not in any particular order.

My Twamily:  Each twitter community is self selecting.  Ican choose to follow or not follow based on any criteria I establish and I can change my mind.  Early on I started using certain tweeters to help me learn my  twitiquette.  @sandinbrick was one of my unwitting twutors and now, I believe, we consider each other as friends.  I have lost twppl who passed away, lived through illness and adversity with others and just had a lot of laughs with still others.  Here are some of my “rules” for selection —

I will follow commercial tweeters if they don’t sell, sell, sell in all of their tweets.  Love it when they throw in a joke, good quote, or something historical.  Also I don’t respond to DMs (tweeters know what this is) trying to sell me something.  To me DMs are personal.  I follow some commercial tweeters because in this post 2008 world many ppl are trying to make a living or supplement an income through social media.

I also will follow twppl who post often in a foreign language as long as they have posted some tweets in English so I get a sense of who they are.  I’ve bought a Spanish dictionary and am about to buy a French dictionary so I can do my own rough translations when time permits.

I will follow some twppl on the opposite end of the political/philosophical spectrum just to learn their views, logic, basis for belief and so on.  Occasionally, I’ll make the mistake of trying to carry on civil discourse with a Tea Partier, a libertarian or a religious zealot only to get ganged up on and insulted.  So much for the art of civil discourse and the exchange of ideas.  Don’t make the mistake of believing they can converse intelligently or politely.  In the end you can block them so they don’t send any dark tweets your way.

Sex Bots and extreme profanity have not place in my twitterverse.  From time to time I cull who I follow because they eventually work their way in by changing identity and showing their true colors.  Other tweeters may want a community of these twolk but there is enough profanity in this jostling world for me.

My Twitter Benefits:  If friendship isn’t enough there are other benefits.  Education, breaking news, blog access, links to more articles, youtubes and other sources than there is time to enjoy fully.  And yes, there are times the twitterverse is a brief respite from all the work on my desk.  I take a short break and dip into the twitterverse to refresh me so I can go back to work.  I also sometimes have the opportunity to inform others.  This is especially true in the political junkie world.  You can find tons of information by following @vademocrats if you want to be informed on Virginia political events or @VAhistorical if you are interested in Virginia history and then there is @VAStateParks for outdoor activities.

Some caution must be addressed here.  When a tweet is limited to 140 characters it is inevitable that misunderstandings can occur.  Recently when I followed back a great tweeter, I told her that I had FB.  She took that to mean that I was inviting her to join me on Facebook (I’ll deal with Facebook another time.)

It is also a very good idea to view a conversation before you join-in.  Without doing that you may have tweeted a totally irrelevant, ridiculous or just inane comment on something you didn’t understand.  It’s like that in real time face-to-face communications also, isin’t it?

Finally, despite the lack of complete or comprehensive exchanges, tweets are like poetry at times in their precise communication.  When that happens the tweeter is rewarded with a fav or RT.  Don’t know RT?  Join Twitter and find out.

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Prince George Post Irene

Incredible that I hadn’t posted since Irene had robbed me of five days of electricity, a number of trees on my property and two weeks of normal digestion thanks to a pesky pathogen.

What has happened since Irene gave the east coast an object lesson in the power of nature?

  • Trees continued to fall.  One very tall oak fell along the back edge of my yard over the New Year’s weekend.  Anyone up for a walk in the woods?
  • Our local voting districts were redrawn to conform with Census data.  Prince George is now repreneeded by  two GOP white males and one tough black woman, Rosalyn Dance, in the Virginia House of Delegates and in the Virginia Senate by civil rights hero and Democrat, Henry L. Marsh and by a GOP man from somewhere.  His last name is Ruff and he represents my Senate District and I haven’t even haven’t even had a postcard from him.
  • Did I mention that the Congressional Redistricting is still in dispute?  Fortunately, however it goes after the two law suits and the DOJ review, I will still be in Democrat Bobby Scott’s district, the 3rd CD.
  • The Board of Supervisors election was fun.  I served my first stint as the campaign treasurer for Bill Gandel from District 2.  Our Board Districts are at large and we have two of them, cleverly designed to dilute the black vote.  I am white, but even I can see that.  Bill essentially defeated Reid Foster on a Respect Our Heritage But Plan For the Future Platform.  Good luck with that  future thing, Bill.
  • And moi … I was elected Chair of the Prince George Dems for a two year term in January and have the pleasure of working with some funny, brave, hip, with-it and cool Democrats in the county and it’s environs.

There will be more shoes to drop …