Brave new world … a new theme … a new layout

Libre is the new WordPress Theme I am adopting for my Xena blog, jettisoning Chateau.

The change is the result of one of my assignments as a participant in WordPress’ Blogging 101 program. Each day during the week participants receive a daily assignment to guide them through the various content and programmatic options available as wordpressers.

I ‘dropped out’ of Blogging 101 once before and I think it was a result of this very assignment. I had stumbled through setting up my blog a few years before and was fearful of making any changes to the look and feel of the page.  So this time, upon the advice of our blog tutors, I set up a dummy blog and used it to try on various Themes.  They suggested trying on no more than 10 (there are probably hundreds available) so that I wouldn’t get lost.  I made it to 6 and fritzed out.

I did learn a few things about myself and my interests … I am partial to a more text oriented display with only occasional images … I am also partial to a serif type face, but not too much serif … and I like simplicity in the layout without too many independent places for the eye to drop.

What am I not sure about … everything.

Notice this entire blog is not about content, but about style?

Any comments?

Vocabulary, What Words Are Important?

Fashions change in everything … popular book genres, clothing, jewelry, everything.  I stumbled across a list that leads me to believe that word fashions change too.  We all know each year new words are added to our common English language … bot, blog, LMAO (is is really a “word”?).  This article, though, was focused on everyday vocabulary, not memes (speaking of a new word) or acronyms, but the ‘100 Words Every High School Graduate Should Know’.

Being much more than a high school graduate I decided to test myself.  Here I share 10 of the 100 words.  These 10 words either have confused me as to meaning or pronunciation. Let’s see what you think of them:

abjure, bowdlerize, churlish, evanescent, gamete, hegemony, hubris, moiety, quotidian, and ziggurat.

Greats words to discuss with friends over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Does anyone agree?