I write my blog for the joy of writing reactions to events I read about and experience.  My primary interests are politics, social interactions, historical events, culture, and my journey through life.

Prince George County, Virginia will be featured frequently.  It is a county of about 37,000 people with no towns and no cities.  The county government complex, courthouse, and the schools are the focus of life in this still rural, but suburbanizing county.

Blogging is mental exercise for me.  I write because I am driven to do it.  I am lonely without it.

I starting blogging and tweeting in 2009 and spent some time thinking about what was going on with me that year.

It was a year or so of loss … my mother, a brother, and father-in-law all died within a year of each other.  My husband and I became orphans that year. My dog, Buddy, who walked with me morning and evening, died suddenly.

It was a year of renewed and new relationships … My daughter and granddaughter moved in with my husband and I.  My daughter had lost her job as a supervisor in a call center in Boone, North Carolina and had to come to a more urban area to find management level employment.  My then 6 year old granddaughter had to leave the only home she had ever known, move  in with grandparents she hardly knew, and enter a new school which was not touchy-feely like her old school.  Jack, a 2 year old Australian Shepherd entered my life and I again had a walking companion.

I tuned 60.

What did I start tweeting and blogging about?  That may be the subject of a post  someday.


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