Am I an influential person?

“9 Habits of Profoundly  Influential People”:

WIN_20151207_18_17_44_Pro (2)Somewhere in the blur of the last few months I read an article, caught a meme, or was captured by an infographic touting habits shared by influential people.  There being only three other people who share my little 6 acres, I doubt these ‘habits’ would be recognized by my family as traits exhibited by me. In my little sphere I am pretty influential because I am the cook.  I am curious about what you think about these habits as descriptors of those with profound influence:

  1. They think for themselves.(Influenced by what they know.)
  2. They are graciously disruptive.(Like to disrupt to make things better.)
  3. They inspire conversation. (Multi-directional.)
  4. They leverage their networks. (Lasting connections.)
  5. They focus only on what matters. (Not trivial.)
  6. They welcome disagreement.
  7. They are proactive. (Seek things out … early adopters.)
  8. They respond rather than react.
  9. They believe.

My apologies and appreciation to the creator of this list.  I ask your forgiveness and will cite you if I can determine the source.

Thoughts from the blogosphere?

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