For the love of local newspapers —

I interpret the blogging 101 daily assignment for today as to write to my audience. I am not sure I have an audience, but just in case …

I want to thank the newspapers I read daily (well a couple of them don’t have daily editions) and which add so tremendously to my daily fix of knowing what is going on.

To be clear … I also read a lot of digital content … Daily Beast, Politico, The Guardian, The New York Times, the Washington Post, sometimes the Daliy KOS, and almost everything published by Mother Jones.  Most of those we subscribe to and we donate to Mother Jones.

It is to the local print newspapers that I dedicate this post.  Thank you for sitting

My cuppa and my paper
My cuppa and my paper

through the endless meetings of governing bodies, for tracking down sources who rarely go on the record and mostly say only the polite things, for getting those photos of the record breaking bass and turkeys  (is bass singular or plural ?), for working to put news stories in some context so that readers know how the report relates to earlier or future events, and for printing so many letters-to-the editor from absolute nutters.  To the publications which will do it, thank you for printing meeting announcements and endless weekly photos of speakers receiving their Rotary pens from the Prince George Rotary President in front of the Rotary banner and the bar full of wine and liquor bottles at Rosa’s Italian Restaurant.

I confess that I have a commitment to supporting my local press.  I subscribe to all.  I subscribe to all for delivery and for digital access.  I share their articles on Twitter, Facebook, and, yes, on WordPress.  So to you all … I thank you for the effort from reporting, to layout, to publishing, and  to slipping it in my paper box in this rural environment.  You enrich my life.

Now for the shout outs:  @RTDNEWS  @ProgressIndex  @HopewellNews  @PGJournal

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