AOL … not so fuddy-duddy afterall

The news is abuzz with the probable purchase of AOL by Verizon.

Dear Reader:

The news of the pending purchase of AOL by Verizon for $4.something billion has amused me this last day or so.

A few years ago a headhunter told my husband to not use an AOL email address in his resume or business cards because it would make him appear technologically stodgy. Hubby is a technologist in the computer services industry and didn’t quite buy into that opinion, but he did create a gmail address.

He told me about the advice and I snorted.  I jumped from CompuServe in 1994 to AOL when it became an ISP and, also, I may have had a crush on Steve Case.  Initially, a person’s screen name was limited to 7 characters. When it was possible I changed to a longer screen name  so that I could be more easily identifiable.  Yes, I have had an email address on my business cards since 1994 and before that I had my CompuServe ID number on my cards.  Do you remember those long stringy number IDs?

I needed to maintain a certain continuity in my email address for professional reasons, thus I stuck with my AOL address as my primary address through all these years.  I have two email address pet peeves.  People who change email address often and then use complain that they are not being included on communications.  The other pet peeve has to do with those cutsy (or so they think), inane, email addresses that give no clue as to the identity of the owner …  “squawwoman” and “mustangannie” come to mind. Maybe as I wind up my practice, I may become”xenachick”.

So I stayed with AOL as it morphed from ISP to content provider, to publisher, to entertainment portal, to news portal and now as internet video innovator.

AOL and I  may not be so stodgy, after all.


2 thoughts on “AOL … not so fuddy-duddy afterall

  1. Thanks for reminding me of all the challenges that being a live presents. Everywhere I look, gas prices, cost for bread and etc. are being with most people, I do believe in having consistency in managing every day affairs. However, every time that I turn on the television, read the newspaper, or talk with the neighbor I hear about a change on some in coming. It is enough to give me a head ache. As you may know, some take drastic and/or severe steps in trying to cope with change. The reality is that if you live to any degree or measure you experience change. Hopefully, when change come (and it will come soon or later), we will the courage, the necessary skills or strategies to handle it. Having mentioned the points above, Hopefully, you were able to implore the applicable measures to cope with changes presented by ALO.

    1. Actually, Otis, I am proud to have been affiliated with AOL though the years. As to change, I think I am fairly adaptable. I am not one who looks back too much. I’d say I am future oriented. This type of change is an adventure. Thank you for reading and commenting. Do you blog?

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