What’s in an address?

Where does Joe Preston live?

Who is Joe Preston?  Well, he is purportedly a resident of Petersburg from which he was elected to the 63rd Virginia House of Delegates in a special election last Fall.  Subsequently, he has entered the Democratic Primary race for the 16th Virginia Senate District to which Rosalyn Dance, formerly the 63rd Delegate, was elected, also in a special election, last Fall.

Joe’s supposed credential is that he is the true Democrat, not that the Prince George Democratic Committee has ever seen him at a PG Dems meeting, other than at our post election social last December.

Why would one expect to see him at a PG Dems meeting?  Well, though it is only a small portion, the 63rd and the 16th both have footprints in Prince George.

Further, Joe has lived in and still maintains a residence in Prince George County.  His home is in the upscale Jordan on the James subdivision on the rivah.  The address is 10465 Jordan Parkway.  Neighbors in Jordan on the James have noted him returning to the residence late and night and leaving early in the mornings.  Why might this be one might ask?

Easy, 10465 Jordan Parkway is not in the 16th Virginia Senate District.  It is not even in the 63rd Virginia House of Delegates District.

Hmmm …  to be sure, Joe will have an explanation.

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