The Mother of Our Country

We all know about George Washington or think we do.  He is viewed as a magnificent warrior who was above politics, however he tacitly supported Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and others in their view that a strong federal government was necessary to the long life of this little republic of ours.  Sorry tea partiers … your views to the contrary are wrong.

Much thought is not given to the role Martha played in George’s life.  There isn’t much correspondence, purportedly because she burned their letters to each other upon his death.  Or did she? Maybe that wasn’t the case as this article lays out.  We know she ran the family holdings while George was off at war and … politics.  She spent winters encamped with him and the Army during the Revolution.  Had Britain prevailed George would have been hung and likely, his estate confiscated.  This was an estate which included the huge wealth and holdings Martha brought into the marriage.

I hope the historians can learn more about this remarkable woman and the recognition due to her with respect to the founding of our country.

After George Washington died, his wife burned her letters. Except these. – The Washington Post.

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