Little House in the Woods, Lapped in Snow

No irony or cynicism today.  Today I am just another Prince Georgian enjoying the snow. Yes, enjoying the snow.  

I can bask in my warm house whilst watching the juncos, cardinals, red-bellied woodpeckers , and other birds feeding on the bird seed and suet cakes.  I am rapidly recovering from the month-long sinus infection. I have a full pantry. Chicken soup is already made and there is a pot roast in store for dinner.  Most importantly … and knock on wood …  we haven’t lost electricity.  The seven or so inches of snow outside is a calming companion on a deliberately slow day.

Jack is enjoying the snow much more than our lab.  Aussies are such rugged little dogs. Jack has a pad  in the cave under my desk and another pad under the table behind my desk.  He can keep a close eye on me that way and pity the cats or the lab daring to intrude on his, that is , my work space.  He is usually my walking companion but with the snow and frigid temps last week and now this deeper snow our walking has been curtailed.  Hang in there pal.  Spring arrives soon.

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