Who am I? #Blogging101 Redux

My introduction of myself was so whiny.  Allow me to try again.

I am a very involved sixty-five year old (sixty-five is the new fifty active in politics and Rotary.  Soon I will be winding up my law practice which by now is really only very part-time.

Blogging is an outlet for me, as well as an additional tool I hope to use to promote some of my causes and to communicate with fellow volunteers.

Though I admit to be not being very ‘techie’, I enjoy the learning process and find satisfaction with I work through my frustration to figure out how to do something.

Politics and Rotary don’t leave much time for other pursuits, but I enjoy reading English murder mysteries, drinking Italian Roast coffee and Virginia wines, and watching documentaries on YouTube and Netflix.  I am fond of animals, particularly my Australian Shepherd, Jack.  He is the star of my header.

I am not a sports enthusiast but could watch major and international league soccer for hours.

So, this laconic pundit has shared … a lot, for her.

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