Rosalyn Dance — Why I support her for the 16th Virginia Senatorial District

Richmond does not own the 16th Virginia Senatorial District!

Seventy percent or so of the district lies south of the James River, yet Richmonders assume that the seat is inherently theirs.

Those of us who reside outside of Richmond and its annexed neighbors want a Virginia Senator who well understands the entire district and that person should be Delegate Rosalyn Dance who ably represents the 63rd Virginia House District.  The 63rd includes all or parts of five of the localities contained in the 16th.

Her legislative experience and know-how is deep, having served as a Petersburg City Councilwoman and mayor and having served as a leader in the minority Democratic Party in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Her accessibility and responsiveness is legendary and her ability to assess issues dispassionately to serve her constituents is unrivaled by those competing with her for the Democratic nomination for the special election in the 16th.

Political enemies in her last primary attempted to label her as disloyal to Democratic stands on issues, but that effort was total fabrication as testimonials from fellow House Democrats, actual video tapes of her floor speeches, and the House Record demonstrate.

Why do I support Rosalyn Dance to be the Democratic nominee for the 16th Virginia Senate District?  I have personally observed her critical thinking skills, her compassion, her attention to detail, her responsiveness to citizens, her accessibility, and her just plain honest demeanor. From working legislatively and in the community to curb domestic violence, to improve schools for all, to prevent a return of the tolls on I-95, to support effective care for the mentally challenged, to support military veterans and their families, to support voting rights and many other efforts, she has worked tirelessly for the citizens of the 63rd Virginia House District.   I want her representing the 16th Virginia Senatorial District.

She represents the citizens, not personal gain or special interests.


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