Less Drama at Next Board of Supervisors Meeting

 Xena just received her agenda for the next BOS meeting on April 3rd.  It doesn’t portend the same dramatic possibilities as the last meeting.

The Work Session will be at 5:00 p.m, during which the Supervisors will discuss the Old Carson School Master Plan, the Yancey Tract Hunting Lease, and Possible Changes to County Place Names.  Actually all three topics sound interesting to this come-hither.  Work sessions are public meetings.  Yes, they are open to the public.  You might want to stop off on your way home from work, hear what they are talking about and decide whether you want to return for the grand show later.

At 6:00 p.m. the BOS goes into Executive Session.  This is when they discuss certain matters which may be exempted from open meeting requirements .  Everyone except those invited by the Board must leave.  At the end of the Executive Session someone will stick his or head out the door and let people know that the Executive Session is over and those “hanging” around may come back into the room.  There will be a public motion and certification that the BOS discussed only those matters (broad categories, really, “personnel matter”, “legal advice”, “land or contract negotiation”, etc.) specified were discussed.  The Executive Session is also when the Supervisors eat their box suppers.  Wonder what they usually have on the menu?

The Business Meeting (public) then begins at 7:00 p.m.  There are the usual lead-ins with the third item being the “Public Comment” period during which any citizen may address any topic of concern Later, after the formalities, foreplay and litany of usual tidbits the fun begins.

Tomorrow night after the Supervisors and County Administrators Comments there will be two reports, one of wich is a report on the “Presidential Visit Expense Summary.”  I am looking forward to that.   How much did all of that security cost and who pays for it.  Worth every penny, farthing, and …er…Euro in my view.

The public hearings are regarding 1) truck restrictions on upper Bull Hill Road, 2) a plat vacation of a portion of a right-of-way linked to Sassafras Avenue, off Summitt Lane (oh, be still my beating heart,  3) conveyance of two recreation lots in the Meadows Subdivision and 4) the Annual Fiscal Plan (Budget)  for Fiscal Year 2012-2013.  The last item should be fascinating.  As of 10:00 a.m. there was no state budget.  Maybe something actually happened in Richmond today.  Of course, the County has to advertise these public hearings a certain period of time prior to the public hearing, but I am curious what will happen.  Possibly the BOS can hold the public hearing and then make their decision at a later public meeting.  One thing we know … the Board can plug-in that $330,000+ tax revenue increase they enacted at the last meeting.

See you at the meeting tomorrow night.  I plan to bring my water bottle and a package of nabs.

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