Prince George Post Irene

Incredible that I hadn’t posted since Irene had robbed me of five days of electricity, a number of trees on my property and two weeks of normal digestion thanks to a pesky pathogen.

What has happened since Irene gave the east coast an object lesson in the power of nature?

  • Trees continued to fall.  One very tall oak fell along the back edge of my yard over the New Year’s weekend.  Anyone up for a walk in the woods?
  • Our local voting districts were redrawn to conform with Census data.  Prince George is now repreneeded by  two GOP white males and one tough black woman, Rosalyn Dance, in the Virginia House of Delegates and in the Virginia Senate by civil rights hero and Democrat, Henry L. Marsh and by a GOP man from somewhere.  His last name is Ruff and he represents my Senate District and I haven’t even haven’t even had a postcard from him.
  • Did I mention that the Congressional Redistricting is still in dispute?  Fortunately, however it goes after the two law suits and the DOJ review, I will still be in Democrat Bobby Scott’s district, the 3rd CD.
  • The Board of Supervisors election was fun.  I served my first stint as the campaign treasurer for Bill Gandel from District 2.  Our Board Districts are at large and we have two of them, cleverly designed to dilute the black vote.  I am white, but even I can see that.  Bill essentially defeated Reid Foster on a Respect Our Heritage But Plan For the Future Platform.  Good luck with that  future thing, Bill.
  • And moi … I was elected Chair of the Prince George Dems for a two year term in January and have the pleasure of working with some funny, brave, hip, with-it and cool Democrats in the county and it’s environs.

There will be more shoes to drop …

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