The State of Civil Discourse

I had known the day would come.  My twitter feedback has been supportive, encouraging, sharing and positive.  Until today.

I am careful in what I say.  I avoid obscenity, even abbreviations for profanity.  Assiduously, I attempt to avoid retweeting such things as #LMAO and other such shortened naughties.  If you don’t know what #LMAO means, good for you!

When I follow or am followed by someone with obviously different political, religious or social viewpoints, I make a point of suggesting that we engage in respectful discourse so we can learn more about each other’s point of view.

That approach has worked, until today.

Today I tweeted a polite but pointed political comment about a Virginia politician.

Shortly, thereafter I received a reply tweet from a man who tweeted that I was an idiot, or a moron or a liar, or all three.  I gave his tweet some thought and then tweeted  in my reply “What civil discourse.”

Later I checked out his profile to look at his history of tweets.  There were only three words in his tweet vocabulary.  You got it … “idiot”, “moron” and “liar”.  Usually his tweets were very short and used only one of his three standbys.  I actually felt honored that he had unleashed all three on me in just one tweet.

Should I do him a favor and tweet some more “dis” words to him so he will have more of a selection?

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