Narcissim and Twitter

W e can now all be writers and publishers and see our names or our handles and avatars in print.  Social media networking has provided a platform for anyone who wants to tweet, post or blog their observations.  That doesn’t mean we are good writers or that our opinions have any weight.  But,  there  is a certain pleasure in seeing one’s name in print … most of the time.

Anthony Weiner is the latest tweeter to suffer from the blistering scrutiny of  his new media communications.  He will pay the price in the heaviest terms for his breach of common conventions about what is expected of a politician in a net savvy world.  Oddly, he is so smart he had to know the risks he was taking in being so publically out there and that the retribution would be humiliating, swift and unavoidable.  Yet, he did, continued to do and would have continued doing it until he was outed.

Such is the power of narcissism over even the smartest  of people.  So beware, if you blog, text, tweet or even make cell phone calls, whatever “stuff” you have put out there … is out there forever.  Even the Library of Congress is archiving tweets so there is no anonyminity, none.

Excuse me … I need to check my twitter timeline.

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